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Laboratory Testing Services

Identification Techniques

chromatographyMedipharm conducts identity testing of raw materials and finished pharmaceutical products to ensure conformance to all regulatory requirements. We are familiar with the techniques used for various individual products. There are many scientifically valid ways to verify identity, but not all of these methods are appropriate for all ingredients.

Every raw material received is tested to ensure its composition meets its labeled claims. A sample is withdrawn and quarantined until identification is completed.

Final mixtures and finished products (tablets, creams, etc) are tested for chemical composition and potency according to the relevant monograph.

An identification test can be as extensive, such as matching chromatographic retention times against the USP reference standard, or as simple as a melting test. Medipharm Laboratories is highly experienced in the following identification techniques:

  • High performance liquid chromatography
  • Gas chromatography
  • Ultraviolet- Visible spectrophotometric
  • Infrared Analysis <197>
  • TLC, Identification <201>
  • Spectrophotometric Analysis 
  • Melting range <741>
  • Refractive index <831>
  • Optical rotation <781>